Monday, August 4, 2008

I have a GHD!

That’s right I have a Genealogy Hater Degree. I’ve helped my cuz research some of her family members..and yeah..i’m hatin a lil on the fact that her people owned property that can be traced. One of her surnames has been free since the late 1700’s. I’m a lil salty since I can’t even find my Spence’s before 1880 let alone the slave owners of the rest of my surnames.

I’m a lil perturbed that some folks on Afrigeneas are able to make connections to other folks on Afrigeneas like “Hey long lost cousin. I’ve been looking for you. When’s the reunion?” I get a lil frustrated when a blog buddy makes online connections. I always think…WHERE ARE MY PEOPLE??

Side Note: I did find my cuz Tina on She would be the only other person researching the family tree. (there cuz, you're not chopped liver! lol)

My dad has come to the conclusion that I’m probably the only one researching our family tree that includes the Spence-Lowry.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not mad at those that make their connections. I think it’s wonderful. But I always say, ‘Where are my people!!”

Of course, my frustration comes from something I always tell my cousin. “Everything isn’t online”. I know that I will have to make hands on genealogy trips to Pasquotank and Camden County in NC in order too make some headway. I also know that those who have found more info have done this. Next year, that’s my goal!

But then I get to thinking. I am like my GG grandfather, Aaron Spence, I don’t recall filling out a census in 2000. I was single and living in my own home with 1 child. So, in 72 years when my GG grand daughter is looking for her GG grand mother Al on the census, maybe she’ll find this long lost post about where I was in 2000. My daughter was 2 and I was 22. I was single. I bought my home that year and loved it. I was working at a mortgage company. Not yet interested in genealogy or who my ancestors were. Hope you find this and put me on the tree.

Love always,


  1. Hello A. Spence:

    I can say that I share some of your frustrations. As a newbie to genealogy and blogosphere, I'm reading so many stories of family history going back to at least the 1870 census and detailed dipictions of a g-g-g uncle accomplishing amazing feats to protect his family, etc., while I'm still collecting birth and death records of immediate family and feeling lost in trying to find the real names of my great-great grandparents. But I remind myself that all of our journeys in tracing our lineage will be different and that many were in my same positon years ago when they first got serious about their search into their family history.

    Keep your head up! It seems you been at this for awhile but you'll have your addtional breakthroughs!

    Good luck!


  2. Oh yes, I know this is a 'rite of passage' for us beginners. I'm only 1 year into my research. Others have way more.

  3. Hiya A. Spence & thanks for stopping by OGR! I know african ancestry research can be frustrating, thus the motive behind the frequent research 'breaks' I've been known to take.

    But you hit on a key fact in your post - MOST of our info (and researchers) are not online.

    I cannot tell you how much progress & unexpected "gifts" I've gotten from going to the courthouse in my hometown of Wilkes Co or even a good trip to the Archives.

    Hang in there... just when you think you've hit a wall, the mysteries will open up!:-)


  4. I go to my reunion in 2 weeks and hopefully i can get some research in when i'm there.

    It's hard when I need to research NC and I live in FL. *sigh*


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