Thursday, August 21, 2008

Final Project Completed!

I just finished the poster that I'm doing for my family reunion. I almost felt like it was a school project that I better get an 'A' on!!

Hopefully my family will appreciate this and enjoy it. Better yet, they'll open up and hand over some stories and photos.

One question though..Should I add something like 'Completed by A. Spence'?


  1. I think the poster will be a big hit at the reunion, and yes, you should put your name on it someplace so everyone knows who compiled the information and put it together. I've been taking posters to the Phend Family Reunion for many years now and every year people stop and look at them. It does help with getting some people to talk about their family, but mostly they enjoy looking at the pictures and finding their name on the descendant charts. Still worth it though.

  2. Well done & yes, Allum, you must include your name for posterity. 100 years from now when your descendants pull the poster out, your very personal mark will go a long way.


  3. Nicely done! Glad you enjoyed your reunion too! I finally read most of your blog today! I enjoyed it!


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