Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ancestors are you hear them?

I haven't written much since my aunt passed away last month. Trying to focus on genealogy and/or family stuff is hard. She was an inspiration. She was fiesty. She reminds me of myself. lol.

Today, I signed on to looking for an inspiration on researching an ancestor. I hadn't researched anyone in a while, nor have I had that urge too. But, today, I tried to urge myself to do it. As I sat there staring at the page, nothing came to mind. Not one single ancestor. Instead, my mind wondered to what I could be doing instead. The family newsletter.

Yes, I write a quarterly family newsletter for my entire family. For all the Spence, Lowry, Banks, & McCoy descendants. That equates to approximately 150 households and I'm late with my deadline. Very late as a matter of fact. So I decided to work on it tonight.

As I sat here editing the newsletter and trying to add captions to pictures, I realized I was missing names of people who performed at the reunion. So, I called my grand uncle. He is the husband of my aunt that recently passed. While on the phone with him for literally a minute, he tells me that his son was there. Hands him the phone and we start talking.

My cousin tells me that he found a box that contained a lot of pictures. Pictures with names on the back! (I love you Auntie, but I knew you were holding out on me. lol.) He said that he will send them to me to help me with the research. How amazing. I knew that this unfinished work of the family newsletter was what I was supposed to do. I don't know why I was avoiding it. But, I'm glad I'm working on it now.


  1. I could not be happier for you... I know you've waited a long time to begin gathering those [soon to be] coveted family images.

    Amazing your Aunt was the inspiration for getting you going on your journey & also the catalyst behind a closed source, opening up...

    Hmmm... Auntie (and the Ancestors) knew EXACTLY what they were doing. Remember Allum - they see the full picture & make no mistakes...

    Can't wait to share them with you...


  2. I'm telling you. I remember asking her last year during the reunion for pictures and she said that she didn't have anything. I knew she did because she was the unofficial historian for the family. I think there was some resentment on the families part because she was the wife who knew more than the family.

    I can't wait either.

  3. Condolences on your aunt's passing. An aunt of mine who was also a big supporter of my own family history research efforts passed about a year ago, so I know the feeling. Enjoy that gift of history she left for you to share with others! And I, too, have a family newsletter deadline looming. Guess I better go start working on that!


  4. Thanks Joseph. I'm really looking forward to the pictures!!

  5. Everything happens for a reason. I don't think it's a coincidence that you put off working on that newsletter until now. I think your aunt is looking out for you.

  6. My condolences on your aunt's passing. Her gift is a researchers dream. I'm sure there are many stories inside that box.


  7. Please accept my condolences on the passing of your aunt. She certainly seems to have been a real asset to your research, and apparently is continuing to be so. And hooray for your cousin for sending the photos (and much rejoicing that the photos are labeled!)


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