Monday, September 15, 2008

I heart you too!

YAH!!!!! I love being linked on blogs but to top that off, Msteri at Heritage Happens nominated me for the “I heart your blog”! Thank you Thank you Thank you. When I started this a few months ago, my goal was to saturate the internet with Spence-Lowry information. I’m glad to make some GF’s (Genealogy Friends) along the way.

Now for the rules.

The rules associated with this tag are as follows:

1. Can put the logo on his/her blog
2. Must link to the person who gave the award
3. Must nominate 7 other blogs and link to them
4. Must leave a comment on each of the nominated blogs
And the 7 blogs are:

Our Georgia Roots by Mechie
George Geder
Sasha’s Roots by Sasha
Geneablogie by Craig
All My Branches by Wendy
AnceStories by Miriam
Thanks for this nomination, I will wear it proudly on my blog chest!!!!
Now, I'm off to let the others know I heart them too.


  1. A - I am deeply, deeply honored to be nominated! How sweet!:-)

    Apologies for the MIA status - I have had my head down with my other web project & burning the midnight oil! Thank you for giving me the "genealogy nudge" I needed!:-)


  2. Thank you so much for the award! I've updated my post with a link to your blog.


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