The surnames I’m researching are as follows:

Spence – I’m researching any and all African American Spence’s in Elizabeth City/Newland area of Pasquotank County. My earliest ancestor is Enoch Spence (B: abt 1807) and his wife Susan Williams(B: abt 1813). I believe they were slaves in Pasquotank and possibly owned by the white Spence’s in the area. They lived in the Newland area which is close to Camden County. This makes me also want to have more information on the Camden County Spence’s. We have always had a rumor that both Spence families are related, but I have yet to be able to prove my theory.

I think that maybe the Camden County Spence’s are the children of Enoch and Susan and my lone ancestor Aaron Edward Spence (Enoch’s son) remained in Pasquotank. I believe Aaron was their youngest son since that’s whom Susan when to live with after her husband passed away sometime prior to 1900. Susan was living with Aaron and indicated that she had 4 living children. But I’ve been unable to locate them.

Lowry - I’m researching any and all African American Lowry/Laury/Lowery/Leary or any variation of the name in Elizabeth City/Newland area of Pasquotank County and Camden County. I’m also looking into possible connection to VA. My earliest ancestor of the Lowry line is William Lowry (B: abt 1817) and Annie or Ann (B: abt 1818). Per the 1870 Census, he was born in VA, but was living in Pasquotank County.

Banks – My earliest ancestor is Caleb Banks (B: abt 1834) and his wife Henrietta (B: abt 1838). There were more Banks in the Nixonton area of Pasquotank County. But I haven’t been able to make a connection. I don’t have much information on Caleb and his family line.

McCoy – The earliest ancestor is Henry McCoy (B: abt 1824) and his wife Columbia (B: abt 1844). They are from Camden County. But the 1870 census states that Henry was born in VA. I haven’t been able to make must of a connection outside of this family group.

All of these earliest ancestors, I’m unable to locate siblings. Siblings are key in trying to find out who the parents are and migration patterns of family members. If any of these surnames are familiar to you, feel free to leave a comment.

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